It’s not about manifesting stuff. It’s about knowing who you are.


True Natural Abundance is all about claiming your own divine freedom, for the highest benefit of all beings. And then reaping the miracles–mental, physical, emotional and spiritual–that effortlessly arise.

This course contains:

  • 7 In-Depth Video Lessons
  • 5 Supplemental Audio Meditations
  • 6 Worksheets
  • Written Lesson Transcripts for you to keep

Gifts freely given and received, are the sacred fuel that powers up the divine engine of True Natural Abundance.

So the first lesson of this course is offered for zero donation (AKA free). And the rest of the course is offered on a “pay what you feel” donation basis. Because natural abundance is all about the TRUE SPIRIT OF GIFT, in every aspect of life.

Let this course show you how to move beyond hesitation and fear. To a life where giving and receiving are identical halves of one beautiful, luminous, unbroken flow of your own divine identity…your own effortless abundance…the way it’s always been meant to be.




“This is not your ordinary abundance course; Carrie invites us to go much, much deeper than our personal desires and problems. True Natural Abundance has forever transformed the way I see myself and the world at large. It is like a program that, once installed, keeps running in the background of your mind, bringing to light even the subtlest way in which you have bought into the lie of lack, allowing it to be gently dissolved. It takes a lot of internal work and patience—but oh boy, has the results been worth it!
Carrie kicks your spiritual ass—in the most delightful and loving way. True Natural Abundance is an amazing gift to humanity, especially in these unprecedented times.” ~ R.Y., Oregon, USA

“Carrie’s compassion and love shine through every word of this course. I felt safe to look at myself full on; love what I met; and forgive and befriend myself. I began this course with the desire to change my relationship to money. Although this has been one of the outcomes, my relationship to my own worth and my own self-compassion have also benefited greatly.  I am left with greatest love, gratitude, abundance and trust.” ~ A. B., Dorset, UK

“The course is so elegantly set up! The work sheets are a MUST. Those questions are deeply helpful, for us to ponder all that needs pondering. When I finished the lessons at first I did not think anything big had happened. I was so wrong. Suddenly I found myself NOT anxious about money. This anxiety that I have had for 76 years – GONE. Also I experienced a deluge of abundance – via people giving me their love, respect, patience and time. The abundance also kept showing up in the form of almost instant synchronicities.” ~ N. M. H., Norway